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Glambasix™ Lash Lift Kit - 50% OFF

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Glambasix™ Lash Lift Kit - 50% OFF

Get Healthy, Natural & Beautifully Curled Lashes From Home

The gentle formulas lengthen, volumize and lift from root to tip allowing your lashes to reach their full potential in minutes. Forget expensive trips to the salon and wake up to perfectly curled lashes every morning without hassle!

One treatment lasts for 4-8 weeks with an average of 12 treatments per kit! That is easily a year of perfect lashes at an affordable price.  That means you, your girlfriends, mom and anyone can get their lashes lifted with just ONE kit! 

Why You'll Love our Lash Lift Kit

GlamBasix™ Lash Lift Kit has various proven benefits :

✔ Beautiful, fluttery, curled lashes are a universal symbol of beauty 
✔ Wake up to beautiful lashes for 4-8 weeks without maintaining them every morning 
✔ Women with curled lashes can take advantage of many more options for applying makeup 
✔ Save time, money and the frustration from using curlers, falsies and treatments for extensions
✔ Creates a healthier, brighter, wide-eyed result even when you're tired 
✔ Curled lashes in photographs show up so much better than straight eyelashes
 Gloriously low maintenance compared to traditional methods
✔ Sleep, wash your face, apply make up and everything else with ease
✔ Premium quality formula rigorously tested for safety and effectiveness
✔ Beginner friendly & easy to use! 

How it Works

An eyelash lift works by bending your natural lash over a curved silicone pad while a perming solution is applied 


Whats Included

Each Lash Lift Kit comes complete with:

  • 5 Perm Sachets
  • 5 Fix Sachets
  • 5 Nourish Sachets
  • Lift Pads (5 Sizes)
  • 5 Eyelash Wands
  • 3 Lash Combs
  • 10 Applicators
  • Cotton pads
  • Adhesive
  • Cleanser
  • Instructions

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